Who remembers Louie? He was one of the eight puppies we pulled from a kill shelter with their mom. Louie was just two weeks old when he joined us. He was so tiny and very sick, just like the rest of the family. But the day we took them in, we knew- that was the beginning of their happily ever after! After weeks of medications and consistent visits to the vet's office, Louie was finally feeling better. And as he grew, so as his personality grew with him. Our rowdy boy was so much fun to be around, and we knew that one special family would be so lucky to have him. All we had to do was wait for them to find Louie. Now that Louie was old enough to get neutered, nothing was stopping him from taking the next step- finding his happily ever after. Guess what happened next? 🥰 The wait is over for Louie!!!! Our not-so-little boy is no longer homeless. He found his forever family, who already loves him to pieces. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Louie! We will always miss you.


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