Remember our Craigslist rescue, Lucy? People are still not educated on the dangers of putting a dog up for free on a website like Craigslist, so AMA stepped in after being alerted by a concerned person who saw the post. It took a little time and back and forth with Lucy's original owners, but we were able to rescue her successfully. We were so relieved that we could prevent her from potentially getting into a scary situation like so many other pets given for free on Craiglist. And this is how Lucy’s road towards her happily ever after begun! Lucy was a ball of pure delight! Coming from such a careless home, this five-year-old Pomeranian was quite the spitfire. She was ready to explore the world, and even though she was not very excited around other dogs, Lucy turned out to be okay with cats. She was able to treat her new foster family's two kitties with respect and got along quite well with them. She kept up her constant tail wagging, and we could tell she was now a very happy and content pup! Lucy definitely came a long way from the day we took her off a free Craiglist listing. But one thing was still missing- her new forever home. AMA got Lucy all up to speed with spay and a full dental, and then she was finally ready to be adopted! Guess what? As it turned out, she’s been in her forever home all this time. That’s right, her foster family decided to keep this precious angel! Even though she may have a heart condition, her adopters are well aware and fully ready to give her the amazing home for the rest of her days. Congrats Lucy!


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