Who remembers Luna? When we rescued this tiny, helpless puppy a few months ago, she could barely stand. At just two months old, she was anemic and extremely weak. However, instead of seeking treatment to save her life, her owners dumped her at the kill shelter, which made us furious! We encounter similar stories every day, and each one breaks our hearts a little more every time. Little Luna was also having bloody diarrhea and was extremely dehydrated. So we did what her owners should have done! We rushed her to the emergency hospital in the hopes that we were not too late to save her precious life.
When we rescued Luna, she was so anemic doctors weren't sure if she'd make it. But luckily, after days of supportive care, our little angel pulled through. Because she was still so fragile, one of the doctors from the hospital took her in for fostering so Luna could recover completely before being put up for adoption. After some time in foster care, Luna was ready to stat her life and look for her forever family. It did not take too long to find the right home for our little girl, now she lives her days sun bathing in the backyard, going on hikes and taking all the naps she wants.
This is what happily ever after looks like! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Luna. We will always miss you.


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