Luna and Snookie

Luna and Snookie's story is a testament to resilience and second chances. Surrendered to us on the brink of their scheduled euthanasia because their previous owner faced a heartbreaking situation, unable to care for them and at a loss for what to do. It was serendipity that we caught wind of their situation just in time. Luna, in particular, had known hardship for far too long. Neglect had left her visually impaired, navigating a world filled with challenges. Learning of their fate, slated for euthanasia, shattered us. But it was a call to action—we had to step in and grant Luna and Snookie the chance for the life they truly deserved. Upon accepting Luna, we were met with the harsh reality of her condition. One of her eyes was inflamed and bulging. Despite our desire to save it, the damage was irreparable, causing Luna immense pain. The only choice for her comfort was to remove the eye. Yet, that was just the start. Neglect had ravaged Luna's dental health, leaving her mouth riddled with infected, decaying teeth. We resolved to rewrite her story, starting with eye enucleation and extensive dental care to free her from long-standing suffering. Luckily, things turned around for both Luna and Snookie. They were adopted together! Now, Luna’s starting a new chapter in a loving home, leaving her tough past behind for a happier future with Snookie by her side.


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