We were contacted about a small dog that has been having health issues for a while, and the owners weren’t interested in taking him to the vet. Their solution to the problem was to surrender him to a kill shelter... When we saw this poor dog, we knew that with his issues, he would be one of many to enter the shelter but never leave. This is Macho the Min Pin. He was double his healthy body weight, he had a severe ear infection, and worst of all- he had trouble walking due to being overweight. We couldn’t turn him away, and so little man Macho joined the AMA family. The first thing Macho did after we rescued him - he smiled. 😊 He was so grateful for giving him a chance at a better life. We immediately put this cutie on a diet so that we can get him back to health. In no time, thanks to an amazing foster dad, we got Macho to his healthy weight, and he was finally able to run and jump around like any dog should. But that's not all! Macho now has a family he can call his own! Two human parents and two furry brothers- what else could he have asked for? 😻 Enjoy the rest of your life, Macho man. We will always miss you.


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