Manisha was the first dog we rescued together with our partners in Thailand. When we first met her, she was shy and standoffish, scared of loud noises and not comfortable with the general business of NY. But we saw a heart of gold in her, that trust in her eyes that didn't fade away even after the tough life she had to endure back in her hometown.  We knew there would be a long way till she opens up and trust us completely, but we were ready to wait for as long as we needed. Luckily, we had a wonderful foster family who adopted and fostered with us before, and as soon as they offered to help, we knew that Manisha is in good hands. Weeks later, Manisha was like a new dog- playful and relaxed, making friends with other dogs at the dog park. But she was still cautious when meeting new people which made it that much harder for us to find a forever home for her. Her forever parents would have to be understanding and patient, give Manisha space and let her come to them herself. Manisha met few potential adopters, but something always didn't work out until one day two women noticed a post about Manisha on our social media. They reached out immediately and, as soon as we saw their adoption application, we knew there is something special about that couple.  Our gut feelings were right- they hit it off from the first interaction. And this was a beginning of Manisha's happily ever after, she is finally officially adopted and got two humans who love and spoil her to pieces. Enjoy the rest of your life, Manisha!



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