Manuka Honey

Remember Manuka Honey, who has been surrendered to our care in need of immediate medical intervention? Two months before joining us, she was hit by a car resulting in significant trauma to her leg. At this time, it had been recommended to the previous owners that Manuka undergo reconstructive surgery, but they had decided to do weekly bandage changes instead. Though for three weeks, the owners did not come in for bandage changes. Instead, without proper guidance, the owners had incorrectly wrapped Manuka’s leg. All this time, her leg was wrapped so tightly, it cut off blood flow resulting in necrosis. By the time we were contacted, Manuka Honey’s leg was hanging and covered in dead tissue with the immediate threat of a blood infection. She was lethargic, unable to walk, unwilling to eat, and very uncomfortable. After being rushed to the emergency room, doctors have confirmed what we feared all along, Manuka’s leg would have to be amputated up to, including the shoulder. A preventable situation turned into misery for this poor dog. Her surgery had to be done immediately, and so we did what we had to do- saved this angel's life. Today we'd like to share some exciting updates on Manuka! Manuka Honey did so well during the surgery and doctors were very pleased with her recovery progress. The next step was to completely adjust to life on 3 little legs and find her forever family. Manuka was more than ready for this! Losing a leg didn't stop Manuka from being a happy and outgoing pup. And luckily a wonderful foster mom was there to provide enough TLC to help her move forward (huge thanks to Tamar who spent hours on top of hours tending to Manuka during her recovery). Manuka quickly adjusted to being a tripod and the past was left in the past. She was excited to hear about many adoption applications filled out for her- her story touched a lot of hearts. But it was one adoption application that stood out right away. And that was it, shortly after it was decided that Manuka Honey found her perfect match. Don't you agree?? We wanted to say special thanks to everyone who helped us save Manuka Honey's life and contributed to her very expensive surgery, we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you. If you'd like to help us save more lives, just like Manuka's, you may do so by becoming one of the Angels for mistreated animals. Your small monthly donation will mean the world to us and to every innocent pet that comes into our care -> 


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