Maple and Pine

Remember Maple and Pine? Sadly, at some point in their life, a sister and a brother both ended up here at the kill shelter (at least they were together, right?). When we saw this cute little duo, our hearts melted and we immediately pulled them both We just couldn't bring ourselves to separate these siblings. And just like that, we welcomed them into the AMA family. Today we have some exciting updates on Maple and Pine! Fun fact about Pine- his favorite position at the shelter was to lie down with his front paws crossed and stretched out. No one could walk by without a heartfelt 'Awwww' when they saw it. The two grew up together and we decided that it would be mean to separate the two. We promised to find them a home so they can stay together. Both weren't tiny kittens, and we knew that may take time. But we were not in the rush to send them away. Guess what happened next? One day, a wonderful couple rang the bell of our shelter to bring in some donated items and as we spoke to them, they've mentioned that they were looking to adopt two cats. We casually mentioned Pine and Maple, followed by a quick spontaneous interaction. And guess what?? The couple filled out the adoption application the same day, and the rest is history. One accidental visit to the local shelter to make a donation was all it took for the duo of kitties to meet their forever family. Enjoy the rest of your life, Pine and Maple! We will always miss you!


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