Who remembers Marcel? We rescued him as a sick kitten, and even though after the initial treatment, he got better, after a short period of time, his health began to decline again. Every other week he wouldn't feel good and ended up in emergencies with a fever until he was eventually diagnosed with FIP. Which is considered to be a deadly disease with no official cure. We were heartbroken by this news because FIP usually means a death sentence. BUT we were recommended a FB group where people use some medicine brought from China. Since we had nothing to lose and were not ready to give up on Marcel, we decided to try it. Marcel’s amazing foster family was willing to do whatever it took to help him beat FIP. The treatment plan included daily injections for a few months, following up with countless vet appts to monitor progress, doing blood work and X-rays. It was a lot of work! But nothing scared Marcel's family as much as the option of losing him. And they offered to care for the sick baby for as long as needed. After many months of aggressive treatments, Marcel finally beat the disease!! We couldn't believe it. It really felt like a miracle. And once the observational weeks were over, he was ready for his official adoption. But that's not all great news. Care to guess who got to adopt him?
After everything Marcel had been through, we knew he deserved the best possible home. But the family that decided to adopt him was better than good- it was AMAZING because it was the same foster family who cared for Marcel from day one. And we couldn't have hoped for a better happily ever after. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Marcel! We will always remember you.


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