Marley was spotted on the streets last year, rummaging through people's trash bins. He was severely emaciated, had lost much of his hair due to a skin infection, and both of his ears were injured at the top, resembling frostbites. It took some time to capture him, as he initially resisted rescue efforts. Eventually, we managed to entice him with food, marking the beginning of his rescue story.

Once Marley was in our care, it became evident that he had been accustomed to an outdoor life. He would try to escape whenever possible, howl when restricted indoors, despised car rides, and was unfamiliar with dog beds. He showed little interest in toys, and food was the only thing that truly caught his attention. His bathroom habits also indicated his lack of familiarity with an indoor dog's lifestyle. Nonetheless, we were aware that it would take time to acclimate him to a domestic setting and find the perfect home for him.

As time went by, Marley became a beloved dog among our volunteers. He gradually grasped the essence of being a dog, and witnessing him settle comfortably into his own skin brought us immense joy. After seven months of being under our care, Marley finally found his happily ever after. Transformed from a wild, outdoor dog into the most affectionate and cuddle-seeking pup, he captured the heart of his adopter. Originally applying for another dog, his adopter's gaze fell upon Marley's cage, and in that instant, he knew that Marley was destined to be a part of his family. The rest, as they say, is history! 😍


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