Masya and her brother were saved by one of the wonderful AMA team members. Her brother was adopted right away, but for Masya it was a bit of a longer journey. Masya's first foster mom had a severe allergic reaction to her so we found another foster mom for her shortly after. Masya was adopted but there was a series of unfortunate events where the owners were unable to keep her, another adopter had allergies and the next family she was with had an older cat who kept attacking her. After all these events happened her foster mom realized that she just had to keep her, she loved her way too much to let her go. The foster mom went through some drastic changes however that made it difficult to keep her. Luckily the foster mom had a family member that jumped at the chance to have Masya as her own and now the foster mom can also see Masya whenever she likes as well. This kitten now has more love to go around than anyone and is still in her first loves life!


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