Max was found on the streets of Puerto Rico. The poor boy was so sick, he could barely move. Thankfully, kind people didn't ignore him and instead alerted our rescue partners, Souls of Satos. Because of the rescue's quick response, they were able to save Max, and as soon as he was medically out of the woods, they contacted us to assist them in finding him forever home. Because of the hot summer temperatures, it took us a while to get a plane ride that would be safe for Max to travel. But that long wait was really worth it. After a few months of waiting, we welcomed Maxie into the AMA family! It was confirmed that Max was a senior who completely lost his sight. But the blind senior is not something that would scare us away from welcoming him with open arms. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful foster family who was willing to care for Max for as long as it would take us to find the right home for him. And just like that, Maxie was on the hunt for his perfect forever home. We waited and waited until one day an adoption application came in that made us smile. A woman who already had experience with a visually impaired dog fell in love with Max at the first sight. Neither his age nor his blindness seemed to phase her at all. On the contrary, this is why she wanted him! It didn't take us long to realize that this was it for Max, this was his happily ever after. Enjoy the rest of your happy and healthy life, Max! We know you're in the best hands. 😍


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