Maxie is a sad reminder of the dangers of buying animals from breeders. When she was just four months old, she was dumped at a high kill shelter by her new owners, that were unwilling to help her after contracting parvo while with her breeders. Parvo is an incredibly contagious virus and 91% deadly if left untreated. We couldn't turn away from Maxie when people who were supposed to love her did just that, and so we welcomed her into the AMA family and rushed her to the emergency hospital for life-saving treatment. It was heartbreaking to watch Maxie go through such a preventable hardship at such a young age. But with the help of our supporters, we combated the atrocities of dog breeding. Maxie spent days at the hospital fighting for her survival, and she did it! She beat the odds and got over Parvo! We knew that our sunshine girl would soon brighten a special family's life up and make it summer all year long! And we were right. One of the vet techs, who cared for Maxie at the clinic, fell in love with our princes and decided to make her a permanent family member. We couldn't be happier with such a fantastic happy ending! Enjoy the rest of your life, Maxie! We will always miss you.


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