Mia's rescue story is a sad one. She roamed a local park for three weeks until we were contacted for help. Tragically, Mia suffered a broken leg. It was an old injury, deemed irreparable, and required an amputation. But that didn’t stop Mia; she pulled through and never lost hope for her happily ever after. After Mia’s initial surgery, it took her some time to heal, but she handled it like a champion. She was then ready for her happily ever after, but unfortunately, it wasn’t ready for her just yet. It took a while, much longer than we’d hoped, but Mia was patient. She knew that one day she would have a family to call her own. All the waiting has paid off! Mia is no longer homeless. This is what happily ever after looks like, and we couldn’t have wished for a better home for Mia. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet girl.


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