One night one of our foster parents was walking their foster pet when he saw a sweet dog tied up to a fence in the park.  People were “nice enough” to leave her food and water before they discarded her. I️t was evident that she has been bred, and we assume that after she wasn’t able to produce puppies anymore, she ended up on the street. As soon as we saw these images we knew that this pup is about to join the AMA family. She was rescued and brought safely to our vet office. She was smart and allowed us to do whatever needed to be done in order for us to place her in a loving foster home. It was like she was ready for her forever family to find her ...She became everyone’s favorite right away, her tail didn't stop wagging for a second. Such a happy pup, despite the fact that someone used her and tried to dispose of her in such a terrible way. No one deserves to be abandoned, and so we vowed to make sure that Midnight (found in the middle of the night- hence the name ?) never has to go through it again. She showed that she only had love and loyalty to give. She proved to everyone that if she only got the chance, she would be the perfect companion to the ones who would appreciate and care for her. Well, Midnight didn't have to wait too long to get her chance and met a family who recognized how special she is and agreed to become her loving foster home. After seeing how happy and comfortable Midnight was in her foster home, the only thing left to wonder was if this could really be her happily ever after. It sure was. Enjoy the rest of your life, Midnight!



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