Mike started out as just a small pup in our Stranger Things group of 8 pitbull mixes that we rescued back in June. Even though our little puppies had their ups and downs with their own individual health issues, they all turned out to be quite the little fighters and eventually found their ways into amazing foster homes. And so the journey to their happily ever after has begun... It didn’t take long for one amazing woman to notice this handsome boy. Mike's new foster-to-adopt mom loved training him and giving him lots of walks. When Mike was finally old enough we started getting ready for his official adoption, but something unexpected happened. Mike became such a big player that he accidentally fractured his knee from too much jumping. So we had to postpone the adoption. AMA needed to act quick, so with the help of all our supporters, we were able to raise enough money for his emergency knee surgery. Mike had a successful procedure and after weeks of bed rest, he was able to fully recover. And only one other thing was left to do to make Mike’s happily ever after complete. That’s right- Mike is officially adopted! He has found his forever mom who already loves him to pieces. We are so glad for this handsome boy. 😻 Enjoy the rest of your life, Mike.


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