We can never understand how one is capable of abanding their pet. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of Mila's story. She was THROWN OUT out of a moving vehicle, like a bag of garbage... Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt and by the time a rescue group in Texas took her under their wing Mila was okay, just shaken up. When we learned Mila's story, we couldn't ignore it. And so we offered to bring her to NY and find her forever home here, in a different part of a country. When we received Mila, we couldn't be more surprised with how sweet and friendly this girl was, she loves people and dogs alike, just happy to be around anyone kind enough to give her attention and love. It didn't take long for one of our previous adopters to notice Mila. And that was a love from the first sight - Mila instantly became a part of the family with two new siblings, Shyla and Snow, two pups who we rescued from PR and who were adopted a couple of years earlier. How amazing is that? All three even look alike. That's how we know it was meant to be.


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