Meet Minni, a feline warrior whose story embodies resilience and hope! Her journey started with a routine spay surgery that turned into a nightmare. Once cherished by someone, Minni faced a harrowing situation where inadequate post-operative care led to her incision reopening, leaving her in a life-threatening condition. Shockingly, despite the chance of a life-saving surgery, her previous owner opted for euthanasia due to financial constraints. In a race against time, the hospital sought our help, and without hesitation, we stepped in. We covered the crucial surgery expenses and welcomed Minni into our care. Her road to recovery was long and challenging, but with the unwavering dedication of a foster mom, Minni found not only healing but also a forever home. Against all odds, Minni’s journey reminds us of the incredible resilience and the power of second chances. She's now thriving, cherished, and adored by her foster mom-turned-forever family.


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