Miss Molly

Miss Molly had a loving owner for ten years. One day, however, Molly wound up in a kill shelter because her owner had to leave to a retirement home. The elderly lady had no family in the country and there was no other place for Molly to go, other than the kill shelter. As soon as we heard her story we couldn't let poor Molly spend her retirement years in a cage, and so we pulled her from the shelter. On top of her being a senior Molly had multiple tumors and other health problems that stopped many people from expressing their interest in adopting the sweet girl. After two months of rehabilitation, we went to visit her at her foster home and we were blown away by Molly's foster mom and dad. We were also pleasantly surprised at the dynamic of our girl and the two pups already living in the beautiful and spacious Long Island home. She fit in just perfectly! She was loved, cherished and accepted. She was part of a family who was devoted to caring and loving every bit of her. This was the day when they told us they can never let go of her, and just like that Miss Molly was adopted.


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