Who remembers Missy, our boxer mix who traveled to us all the way from a kill shelter in Georgia? She's been with us for a few months since then. Missy was clearly starved before she got into our care. She would eat anything edible or not as long as it looked remotely like food. Which almost turned tragic... Shortly after her rescue, our sweet Missy had to be rushed to the emergency hospital because she ingested bromethalin rodenticide (rat poison). This toxin tends to cause neurological signs in the pet. The doctors at the emergency hospital had to induce vomiting to retrieve the bait from her stomach and keep her overnight for observation to monitor her. Going through that experience, we hoped that this situation could be a lesson for everyone- the doctors at the emergency hospital told us that this happens very often. Many pet owners are not aware that their dogs may eat the traps, potentially fatal. Nut luckily, Missy came out of this unharmed. Guess what happened next? Well, what happened next could be called a doggo fairy tale. After months and months of searching for her forever family, Missy found her human parents and a furry sister that is more than eager to show her all the perks of being a family dog. From a kill shelter in Georgia to the home she can now proudly call her own! If that's not a happily ever after, we don't know what is.


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