Missy & Buddy

Missy and Buddy were the two youngest puppies that we rescued from the hoarding situation in October 2016. There was another puppy their age who unfortunately didn't make it, which only made us fight even harder to save these two puppies' lives. As soon as both pups were out of emergency care, the co-founders of AMA took turns feeding them every few hours and warming up their favorite water pillow to sleep on. They gave them vitamins and made sure they were stable and growing. They kept each other warm and we kept an eye on them all hours of the day. Since we do not get to work with puppies often at our rescue, these two really became our babies. Day by day these two grew stronger and stronger together. The thought of separating them in the future scared us. That never had to happen, however, because a month after in-house fostering, we were able to find a beautiful family that wanted both siblings. These two are happily adopted brother and sister!


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