Remember Mocha? When we rescued her, she was just so skinny, weighing just over 3 lbs, along with a list of other issues attributed to neglect. But most importantly, her dental health was so, so bad. We addressed her most immediate issues first, mainly her weight. And when she put on a healthy amount of weight, it was time to address her teeth. Little Mocha had a mouth absolutely riddled with gum disease and infection. Some of her teeth had already fallen out, and most of the rest needed to be removed. It was so bad that some of her gums and even jawbones has begun to rot away. Our bravest and smallest girl was going through so much, but we knew that in the end, it would be all worth it. We just had to help her to stay strong! Mocha had an extensive dental done with multiple extractions, but even after a couple of weeks, she still had a very large hole that wouldn't close. We were very concerned about sinus exposure because she's an older dog with a rough past. And so we reached out to the dental specialist at AMC, but the wait was months long. Luckily, after explaining Mocha's situation, the doctor was able to squeeze us in after just a short week. Once we were finally done with her dental surgeries, the next step for Mocha was her official adoption. And boy, oh boy, she was eager to make it official! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet angel, we will always miss you. ❤️


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