Momma was rescued with her litter from a kill shelter in Georgia last year. The whole family was, of course, sick, but with the wonderful help of our volunteers, we were able to nurse them back to health. As time went on, her babies were adopted one after another, but sadly, Momma stayed behind... It took a couple of months for Momma to come out of her shell. But once the puppies were old enough to be separated, she realized how much attention she could get just for herself. All she had to do was to act goofy, funny, and adorable. And that was the moment when the true superstar was born. Momma was everyone’s favorite at the shelter, but a year passed, and she was still homeless. We were so sad to know that she still didn’t know what a forever family feels like… But when we closed the shelter for the holidays, we were lucky enough to find an amazing foster home for this sweet girl. At least we knew she would enjoy the holiday season away from the crate. And then a miracle happened… After spending the holidays together with Momma, her foster dad just couldn’t imagine letting her go. And just like that, Momma is no longer homeless!! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Momma. We will always miss you. 😻


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