Momo was another case of abuse. He was beaten, starved and yelled at (all of that while he was just a young puppy). Thankfully, one amazing person approached Momo's owner and asked if he'd like to get rid of the dog he seemed to hate so much. The answer was yes and so Momo was safe, but unfortunately, the landlord of the foster wasn't happy about a new resident and once again Momo's life was in danger. That was when we were contacted for help. We couldn't turn a blind eye and so we agreed to help. Momo's behavior was perfect, he was extremely obedient and knew some tricks. We received tons of adoption applications for him (how could we not, Momo is so handsome), but we knew that the family who will adopt Momo must be as special as him. So when we saw this one adoption application, in particular, we knew it was the one. After Momo was medically cleared for the adoption we proceeded and Momo was able to finally have his happily ever after!


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