Mopsy and Popsy

Our version of a scary story? Tiny abandoned kittens found at only one week old! Our three kitten crew of Mopsy, Popsy, and Flopsy were found abandoned by their mom and all alone in the world. AMA was able to rescue these tiny treasures just in the nick of time! We luckily had a very experience neonatal kitten foster, so we knew that these three musketeers would be in good hands. Nursing neonatal kittens is not the easiest job, so we were very lucky when all kittens were able to be nursed back to health. All three thrived in their foster home and grew up big and strong. It was then time for these three to start their search for their new families. Flopsy got adopted separately right away, and now it was just the dynamic duo of Mopsy and Popsy who were waiting to go to their new forever homes! Stay tuned for an update on them today. ❤️ We can't lie that we were secretly hoping we could get these two peas in a pod adopted together. We did have one person apply to adopt one of these guys, but when she came to meet the kitty she ended up falling in love with both siblings! Imagine that? 😻 Our hopes have been answered! We are so happy that Mopsy and Popsy get to stay family forever and have endless brother-sister playtime! Enjoy the rest of your life, little babies.


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