Muttley was brought to the emergency hospital and abandoned there for possible euthanasia a few months ago. Unfortunately, his owners didn’t want to pay for his emergency. We were contacted before any drastic measures were taken, and we, of course, couldn’t say no. Sadly, shortly after we rescued Muttley, he was diagnosed with heart failure and kidney disease. He had a couple of emergency visits back to back, and since then, his prognosis has been poor (a few weeks to a few months). Through this all, his wonderful foster was by his side, never giving up on him, just like us. And despite his prognosis, Muttley got really, really lucky because his foster decided to adopt him! It’s a beautiful happy ending because no matter how long Muttley (now Chuck) has left, he has a loving, forever home till the end. ❤️❤️


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