This beautiful girl with eyes that will melt even the coldest heart is Nala. Nala was neglected, overbred, and discarded like she didn't even matter. But she did matter, and we needed her to know that, so we rescued her from a shelter! Nala was suffering from years of overbreeding, used as a baby machine over and over again. She had tumors all over her mammaries and stomach, and by the way they looked (their positioning and size), we knew we should definitely be concerned. Because they were growing so fast and already started oozing, we scheduled a consultation with a specialist to develop a plan of action. When the specialist looked at Nala, she said immediately that this couldn’t wait. Tumors like this tend to spread and get much worse, very quickly. Nala required a complicated radical mastectomy. And as usual, we did what we had to do. Recovery wasn't quick, but it was smooth, thanks to Nala's amazing foster mom, who's stuck with her through thick and thin. Despite everything that has happened to Nala, she was kind and gentle, helping foster and nurse other pets in need, such as little kitties or another overbred pitbull. She was everyone's favorite! By the way, Nala's foster mom already adopted a small pup from us a while back. We're always grateful when our previous adopters chose to come back and adopt another pet from us. And when Nala's foster mom decided that Nala will not be going anywhere, we knew that we couldn't have wished for a better home for her! Enjoy the rest of your long and healthy life, Nala.


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