Nala was a surrendered to a kill-shelter when she was a senior cat at 14 years of age. We saw her shivering on the corner of the cold cage at the shelter. She was so sad and confused. Can you imagine living your whole life in a comfortable home and then one day you are just abandoned. This senior cat who gave up any hope broke our hearts, and we decided to do something about it. Nala was pulled immediately and we rushed her to the vet office. As it turned out, Nala had a failing kidney, which is probably the reason why she was surrendered in the first place. However, after speaking to the doctors and learning about her treatments we've realized that having this illness doesn't mean she can't have many quality years ahead of her. Right diet and IVs is all that  Nala needed, and thankfully, we found an amazing foster who did that and much more. Nala started on her having her special diet consisting of balanced cooked meals and she also became best friends with her foster brother, the sweetest pup. But as if that wasn't good enough, her foster decided that no one else in the world could give Nala such an amazing life, and... It was decided that Nala is not going anywhere, and she was adopted by one of our amazing volunteers, Danyelle! Nala now eats so healthy, gets her weekly fluids and gets a ton of love and attention from her human mom and fur brother. This awesome trio will be leaving for Florida in a couple weeks as well. If this is not the perfect retirement/happy ending for Nala, then we are not sure what is. 🙂


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