Who remembers Nanook, the dog who made the news due to the severity of her abuse? -> She was found in a garbage bag in a parking lot between two cars. She was still alive, but barely. The poor dog was so malnourished that she couldn't move or lift her head. She was rushed to the emergency hospital immediately where we fought tooth and nail to save her life. We soon learned that Nanook’s case was worse than we could have imagined. Doctors suspect that she had been confined to a cramped space, perhaps a crate, for so long that her legs had wasted away completely. The infected pressure wounds on her legs suggested that she had been lying on a hard floor for an interminable amount of time without even the slightest relief. To make matters worse, she was severely dehydrated, indicating that she had been deprived of water as well. Yet, despite all of this unimaginable torment, she remained the sweetest, most gentle of dogs. Though initially timid around strangers, she eagerly sought out affection from anyone who came near, showering them with kisses and gratitude. It was clear that she had suffered for months if not years, but her resilience was nothing short of a miracle. We were determined to provide her with the happily ever after she truly deserved. And now we're overjoyed to announce that Nanook has found her forever home and is now living a happy and fulfilling life! After all her hard work and dedicated care, she has finally found the loving family she deserves. We wish Nanook and her new family many years of joy, love, and unforgettable moments together.


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