Remember Nene? We noticed this senior guy, Nene, on at-risk list... And since we already had so many senior pets, we were hoping that maybe this 10-year-old guy would be pulled in time by someone else. But as we checked the next morning, he was still on the list. Nene was said to have some aggression issues, but we completely understand that he possibly didn’t have an easy life which could cause his behavioral issues. And whatever the cause of his behavior, it most definitely wasn't his fault. He didn’t deserve to die for that. But if we wouldn’t care for senior pets, who would? And so we rescued Nene, without a clear idea of how much work it would be to train him. But when we received him the next day, we were shocked to see how playful and sweet that pup was. He started running around, asking for belly rubs and offering kisses to every single person who would pay any attention to him. We knew something amazing is about to happen for this little guy... Later, when we brought Nene in for the vet checkup, we noticed how nervous he gets when he steps inside of the office, and we knew that this is what must have triggered Nene at the shelter: post-traumatic experience with the doctors to the point that he was terrified of them. But we are always patient with our pets, and so we were able to complete the check-up, and Nene was finally ready to meet his forever family. A few months later one amazing family reached out to us regarding Nene. The way they spoke about our little guy, the way they interacted the first time they met- we knew that we won’t have to look any further. Some families and dogs are meant to be together- and that was definitely it. ? And just like that Nene found his happily ever after. Enjoy the rest of your life, Nene! We will always miss you.


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