Remember Neno, the dog who literally cried In the cage? When we first met Neno, he was in a kill shelter after being surrendered because of his special needs. This poor little guy had a shelf fallen on him - making his legs wiggle when he walked and causing some permanent potty issues due to the neurological damage. The poor guy was left all alone in the shelter where all he did was crying for help. When we saw this video where Neno’s tear runs down his furry cheek, we immediately requested to pull him. This is how Neno’s journey to a happily ever after begun...As soon as heard Neno’s story, we stepped in to give him a shot at recovery and the chance to find a loving home. Doctors noticed that Neno’s back legs were continuing to get stronger so there was hope for our little wiggler! Even though Neno had been through a lot, he was still such a good boy who got along with everyone. He also didn’t let his leg issues slow him down; he loved playtime! Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to find a foster home for a doggy with neurological issues, so our little fighter had to switch quite a few foster homes until he found a wonderful woman who was willing to love him no matter what. He even got to have a little foster brother who became his best friend almost immediately. As soon as we saw the dynamic between Neno’s foster mom and his little furry foster brother, right away we got the feeling that this may be another foster fail. Guess what? We were so right! Look at our little guy, he is all smiles! Why? Because he’s finally has been adopted! Neno has a home where he has the care he needs as well as all the love he deserves. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet boy. 🥰


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