We rescued Neo from a kill-shelter when he was only two months old. He was scared and skinny. Neo is a black cat and there is a little superstition behind black cats, so it can become more difficult for them to get adopted. We knew that we had to help this guy out! We placed him with a wonderful foster mom who already had two other cats. After the slow introduction, the cats became best friends and we knew that is was going to be pretty hard to separate them! The separation did not have to happen however because the foster mom decided to adopt Neo! Neo now has his own amazing forever home!

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  • Hi!! This is Neo (my new name is Faust, which in Latin means Fortunate One). I just want to say I am living a blessed and lux life with my great Mom and my two furry kitty brothers, which I regularly
    pounce on and chase until we are all exhausted (so they get their exercise!) because I am super sassy! I follow Mommy around wherever she goes and we all sleep together in her giant bed at night! I love stealing pens, and playing fetch with my toys…. Sometimes, I put them in my water bowl cause they need a bath! My favorite treats are bits of sushi, scrambled eggs, turkey and sometimes some sweet peas…. Of course a lick or two of whipped cream if I beg & purr loud enough! Lol. I have a small white spot on my neck which is called an Angel’s Mark… This is from medieval days when us black kitties were thought to be evil and we were persecuted! 🙁 The only thing that could save a black kitty from doom was this white spot! Hence the term Angel’s Mark! Well for me, AMA RESCUE was my saving grace… They found me an awesome loving home & family! Im so so Happy and so grateful to Michele & Anna at AMA and my mommy! Im super handsome & getting big & strong! Thanks you guys!! From me and all the other furry friends you Save! Love, Faust xoxoxo

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