We rescued Momma and her 8 pups from a kill shelter in Georgia. The babies were just 2 weeks old and very sick. It took us weeks to nurse them back to health, and with the help of our amazing, dedicated volunteers, we did it. Most of the pups had already been adopted by the age of 5 months, but Nova (the gray one) had a little different story... Our little angel went to a foster-to-adopt home when she was about 2,5 months old while awaiting her spay and the official adoption day. However, when she was fixed and ready, at about 6 months old, we noticed some behavioral concerns that worried us a little. We had a serious discussion with her adoptive family about the importance of the training and decided to postpone the adoption day until we'd see some improvements. Luckily, Nova's family was on board and extremely dedicated to working on Nova's behavioral needs. And so we waited... Nova's case is an excellent reminder of how easy it is to forget that puppies need the most training. They know nothing about how to be a good girl and a good boy, so if we allow their cuteness to rule the day, they will grow up to become unruly, no longer little monsters. We were so happy when Nova's adopters realized what went wrong and hired a professional trainer to help them solve the problematic behavioral issues. If every dog's owner did the same, our job would be so much easier. But after a few months of training, we were happy to see a lot of improvement and were ready to move forward with the official adoption! We were very impressed by the dedication Nova's adopters showed during those months of training. And not even once did they say they'd give up on her if she didn't get better. All we heard from the family was that they would never give up on her, no matter the circumstances. This is how we knew Nova found the best possible home. And now, her dream finally came true. Nova is no longer homeless! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Nova. We will always miss you.


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