The day we rescued Nugget we knew that this was one of those cases where we barely made it just in time. She was so sick and dehydrated that doctors were surprised when she attempted to stand on her four legs. But, as we saw what a fighter Nugget was, we knew that giving up wasn’t an option for us. After Nugget recovered, we started to notice how she was coming out of her shell, and we were so ecstatic to realize what a ball of joy she was! She turned out to be a big-hearted little girl who loves to cuddle and play. And when she went to her foster home, she found a new best friend (guess who?)- a dog, because she was too mature for the inter-species rivalry. When Nugget was ready for adoption, one of our previous adopters reached out to us and inquired about her. We remembered than from a year ago when they adopted Paw, another kitten from us. We've been getting updates on Paw throughout the time and were so happy to watch him enjoy his happy and healthy life. That is why we couldn't be happier to know that if Nugget joins this wonderful family, she would not only spend the rest of her life with another rescued AMA pet but will be spoiled to pieces together with him.  We prayed that this adoption would work, and guess what? Our prayers have been answered- Nugget LOVED this family, and they loved her back even more. This is what the happily ever after looks like. Enjoy the rest of your life, Nugget!


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