A few months ago, we got a call about a dog, who was almost puppy herself, being in labor for three days. Her owners left her at the emergency hospital, unable to provide the urgent care she needed. When we were called to see if we can take this case on, we, of course, took her in without hesitation. And when we say that it was one of those literal "life and death situations," this is exactly what it was- every minute wasted was another lost chance at survival. We prayed for our own Christmas miracle (since Nyla's rescue happened around that time). Although, luckily, mama pulled through the surgery, unfortunately, none of the 5 babies made it. It was such a heartbreaking situation and most definitely avoidable if only her previous owners brought her to the doctor sooner. Three days of labor was too much to handle. Nyla’s uterus was on the verge of tearing, and her belly was full of fluid. But no matter the heartbreak, we had to remind ourselves that Nyla pulled through and now could have a second chance at living a full life filled with love and care of people who will always put her first. Because Nyla's surgery was so intense, her recovery wasn't going to be easy at all... We were looking for an experienced foster who had time and enough knowledge to provide proper post-op care for her. Imagine our relief and excitement when one of the vet technicians who assisted the doctor during her emergency surgery offered to foster Nyla?! And just like it often happens, a no-strings-attached fostering gig quickly turned into a life-long commitment. In no time, Nyla's foster realized that Nyla was there to stay. 🥰And we couldn't be happier with that decision. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet puppy. We will always remember you!


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