A few months ago, we received a phone call about one tiny kitten that was just laying in the middle of the street, presumably born just a day or two ago with no mother in sight... When we saw these pictures we knew that there’s no way we could ignore this plea. We rushed the little kitty to the emergency hospital where doctors had to stabilize her. This is how Olive’s story began with us. It’s been such a pleasure to watch little Olive grow and become a strong, healthy kitty that she was always meant to be... We couldn’t wait to see where her rescue journey will eventually take her. 😍 Little did we know that this little cutie will grow up to be such a big, sweet kitty who would eventually find a loving home with a twin-looking brother to keep her company, forever and ever! This is what happily ever after looks like. 😻 Enjoy the rest of your life, Olive! We will always miss you.


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