Oliver’s life was on the line when we heard about his urgent case. He was being prepared for euthanasia due to urinary obstruction. His kidney values were elevated and the ultrasound showed some material in his bladder. One of our supporters who works at the hospital reached out and asked if maybe we could take on this case and pay for his lifesaving surgery. We couldn’t let Oliver die, and so we agreed to take this case. Luckily, many supporters donated towards Oliver‘s care for which we are forever grateful. We were able to save his life, and this was the beginning of Oliver’s journey towards his happily ever.  When Oliver was ready to leave a medical boarding we knew that he had to go to an experienced foster home where a person would be able to watch him and notice if his recovery doesn't go smoothly. We were so happy when an amazing girl fro NJ reached out to help. She was knowledgeable about urinary obstructions and was already so emotionally invested in Oliver's story that we knew there could be no better foster that her. And guess what? Oliver not only took over her whole apartment, but he also took over her heart. Just a couple of days after fostering this cute guy, his foster mom told us that she absolutely must adopt him. We couldn't agree more. Oliver now has his own room! Who do you know whose pet has their own room?! Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet Oliver.


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