When we rescued Oreo from a kill shelter, her body and feet were so covered in hair that she couldn't walk properly. What's even more troubling was the horrid smell emanating from one of her paws, like rotten meat. Once we shaved off the matted hair, we discovered the reason. Her paws were severely infected. Oreo's stomach was riddled with masses along her mammary gland chains, which immediately indicated that major surgery would be necessary to remove them. To add to her troubles, Oreo also had kennel cough. It was clear that the road to recovery would be long, but we were prepared. Saving innocent lives like this is our mission!

Oreo underwent weeks of intensive care and treatment for kennel cough and multiple infections, all in preparation for the major surgery to remove the tumors in her mammary gland chain, as well as for spaying and extensive dental work. It was a lot for such a tiny dog like her, but it was absolutely necessary. And the result? After everything she's been through, we couldn't be happier for our senior girl, Oreo. Despite her chronic but minor medical issues and severe separation anxiety, she has found her happily ever after. We are thrilled to announce that Oreo is no longer homeless! ❤️❤️❤️ We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who played a part in making this success story possible.


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