Our beloved boy, Ozzie, was discovered on the streets just before the New Year, bearing the scars of neglect and hardship. His torn ear, protruding ribs, and wounded leg painted a heartbreaking picture of his past struggles. Despite his difficult start, Ozzie's sweet nature endured, revealing a resilient spirit beyond his tender age of just under one-year-old.

With the love and care showered upon him by all of our volunteers, Ozzie has undergone a remarkable transformation. Not only has he reclaimed his healthy weight, but he has also blossomed into the most endearing pup, melting the hearts of everyone around him. And then, a true happily ever after has found Ozzie! A wonderful couple applied to adopt him, and we saw the instant connection they had with the pup. And that was it, a real home for Ozzie. While bidding farewell is tinged with a touch of sadness, witnessing Ozziew thrive fills us with boundless joy and a profound sense of fulfillment.


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