Pablo was one of those heartbreaking cases that stick with you for a very long time. He was just about 4 months old when a good Samaritan found him on the street, crying. He was all skin and bones, covered in very suspicious wounds all over his torso. Most of his fur was gone. He was extremely scared and cowered in the corner at every sound. When we learned about him, we immediately took him under our care and rushed him to the hospital. There, we discovered that his back legs muscles were not developed well enough, causing him to have issues while walking. The doctor suspected that the loss of hair was from prolonged positioning while laying in his own urine, which would coincide with the idea that he was kept in a small crate all of his short life, where he couldn't even get up, causing his legs to be so weak. We had to leave him in medical boarding while he was gaining his strength and ability to walk properly. Once he was healthy enough, we brought him to our physical facility, where he immediately became everyone's favorite. As more time passed, Pablo started to show more of his personality and just being the happy puppy he always meant to be. We were so happy to witness that amazing transformation! But that is not all. Just a few months after his rescue, we received an amazing adoption application for Pablo, and we knew his happily ever after was so close! Once things were confirmed and in order, we moved on to the official adoption, and the rest is history. Pablo is no longer homeless! Enjoy the rest of your life; we will always miss you.


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