Pablo was left by his owners with a dog sitter and five months later they still didn't come back to take Pablo home.  No one was able to get in touch with them and the owners were never heard from again. The dogsitter couldn't wait any longer and was about to take him to a shelter when one of our supporters ran into her and asked her to contact AMA as a last resort. When we heard the story we couldn't let Pablo end up in a kill-shelter, and this is how Pablo became part of the AMA Family.  It wasn't easy for Pablo to find his forever home. He has been through a lot and didn't have much confidence in himself or trust in others. Pablo was cautious with strangers and definitely needed some time to warm before opening up to a new person. He was still so deserving of his happily ever after and with someone who can be patient and understanding with him. And we knew, that if we could find that one family who will give him a chance,  he would make them extremely happy. Finally, a lucky somebody was able to see how truly amazing Pablo was. And so Pablo was officially adopted by them shortly after their meet and greet. Pablo's owners are very aware of this 13-pound cutie's shortcomings and are more than willing to work with him and make him feel safe again and have full trust. This family is truly the absolute perfect match for Pablo and we couldn't be more grateful. Enjoy the rest of your life, Pablo!

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  • So happy to come across this photo of one of my most talented former art students with the dog she rescued! Maura is the kindest, caring young lady who will give this dog a great home. Mrs W.

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