Pandora and Bagheera

were found in the street in separate locations, and both were in terrible condition. Both girls were in need of emergency care, specifically Pandora. She was found with a very infectious disease in both her eyes, leaving her helpless and unable to see while she was on the street abandoned. The doctors did everything they could to save her right eye, but unfortunately, the infection was too advanced. But Pandora and Bagheera did not give up. Pandora and Bagheera were now recuperating at the shelter, but they were still very afraid and would hide at the sight of a human. During the holidays our sweet girls went to a foster home, and here is where they started developing into the sweet and outgoing girls we knew they were. Their foster family spent their days trying to socialize them and creating a safe environment for them to grow. We did not have much hope that the girls would be adopted soon, as they were going into adulthood and they needed to be adopted together, after seeing the bond they built. But after some time, we received the call we were all waiting for! Pandora and Bagheera finally received their happy ending! After being with us for months and being able to recover from their rough start, our girls were ready to go out into the world and start their new happy lives. We were on cloud nine as we knew they would be adopted together with an amazing family. Our brave Pandora and Bagheera now live their lives soaking up the sun, with many cat naps and best of all receiving all the love they always needed!


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