When the tragedy hits, not everyone has the resources to deal with it or even more- to take good care of their pets. This was the story of Peaches and Tuffy, a pair of chihuahuas, who ended up in our care when there had nowhere else to go. Watching them snuggle even when left all alone broke our hearts, we knew then that we must do what we have to do to find forever homes for them.  However soon after, we realized that two were not a bonded pair and even more, Peaches was happier to be as one dog in the household. She was only 5 lbs, but if we would count the weight by her attitude she'd be the whole 100 lbs - that what kind of princess she was, and we were loving it! Peaches's foster mom grew so attached to the dogie that one day she told us that it would break her heart to let go of this little pup. We're excited to announce that this story is the story of another foster "failure" (our favorite!). Peaches has been home for some time now, she just didn't know it yet. Congratulations to another success story!


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