Remember Pebbles? A 5yo cat whose human got pregnant and the doctor told her she must get rid of the cat or she may lose the baby, even if the cat comes close to her (Yes, silly). So the lady asked someone to watch the cat for a little and when it was the time to get her back, she just wasn't accepting Pebbles back. Lady was saying that if the person brings her back the cat will stay outside. The guy who kept the cat wasn't able to keep her any longer and this is when he reached out for help. Pebbles have never been outside and we knew that if she’s taken back to a woman (aka thrown outside), that would ultimately mean a disaster. We couldn’t let that happen... And so we’ve welcomed Pebbles into AMA’s family. Pebbles was a little bit overweight when we rescued her but after we put her on a proper diet she quickly got back to a healthy weight. Other than that, she was a wonderful cat who would make someone very happy one day. 🥰 And so we waited for that special someone to notice our beauty queen Pebbles. Because she demanded to be the only pet in the household, it took a little time to find a perfect forever home for her. But we never gave up hope. And boy we were right to do so! Enjoy the rest of your life, Pebbles! Happy adoption! 😻 You truly deserve your happily ever after.


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