As it often happens, after the owner passes away, there is no one to care for the pets that are left behind. This was the case with Pekie and her brother Donald. One of them was rescued from a shelter and another from an abusive situation, and both of them were facing a terrible future once again. When we received the call about two dogs who were going to be surrendered to a shelter, we knew that this story may not end well unless we interfere. And so we did, we welcomed these two dogs into the AMA family. Pekie, the Pekingese, looked a little bit better on the surface than Donald, but unfortunately she was not. She was heartworm positive. It broke our hearts to know that her life was in danger, but we never gave up on our pets without a fight. And so we started a very expensive treatment for her without a second thought. Meanwhile, we needed to find a foster family who would care for Pekie while she was undergoing the treatments. And boy, we were lucky, an amazing foster family reached out to us. This was the first step towards Pekie's happily ever after. The more time Pekie spent with her foster family, the more she seemed to become a true part of it. Heartworm treatment takes months, and so we were not in a rush to find a forever home for her until we knew the final test results. Pekie's foster family didn't seem to mind having her around, even more- they started talking about a future where Pekie was still with them. We held our breath, we knew what that could mean: Pekie may never have to leave that family. Care to guess if we were right?  You were absolutely right! One day the foster family asked us to talk, and they said that Pekie is not going anywhere. They've loved her as if she was their own from the moment she stepped her four cute feet into their home. They didn't wait for the heartworm tests results, they said they would adopt her regardless. We were beyond excited for Pekie. However, our excitement was held off by the anticipation of the test results. For this story to have a true happily ever after we wished for Pekie's results to be negative, we wished for her to have a long healthy life with her loving family. And so we waited... After about six months of waiting, we've got the test results. Pekie was heartworm negative!!! It was the best news we could've hoped for. Pekie is not only going to have a long, happy and healthy life, but she also will be staying with a family that adores her and have been there with her throughout the whole treatment ordeal. She finally got her happily ever after. Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet girl. 


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