Penelope was born at a breeding establishment. Unfortunately, as it always happens, when "defected" pets are born breeders almost never spend time and money on getting them healthy, they just get rid of them. That is exactly what happened to Penelope. A breeder discarded her due to a severe eye infection and by the time she was brought to Oceanside Animal Clinic, it was too late to save her eye. What was left of the eye was removed, but Penelope didn't seem to care or feel less of a kitten than she way. She played and ran around as if nothing had happened to her. Despite her being a one-eyed kitten many people were interested in adopting this sweet girl. We were very cautious in choosing the forever home for Penelope because we knew that after everything she had been through her forever home had to be just perfect. We were so delighted when one of our approved foster families decided to adopt her. They already had a Spinx cat and were very knowledgeable about the care that Penelope will need in the future. This was the beginning of her very happily ever after.


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