When Penny came to us from Texas with her fur siblings, she knew it was hard for ANY dog to find a furever home. After all, even she and her adorable puppy playmates couldn't get adopted in the Lone Star State. But even in New York City, Penny was facing an uphill battle. Despite her shimmering coat and soulful eyes, she knew that for black dogs, the hill toward adoption is even steeper. For some reason, people overlook them time and again, and the shelters fill with forgotten beauties and their inky fur. So Penny waited and waited, but she was getting worried. Was there a family out there who would see her for the beauty she is? Answer: YES! A wonderful family from Queens swooped in and fostered Penny, and guess what?? They already had a black dog! Penny just knew they were good people, but she had no idea they'd become her forever family. But they did! After a couple of weeks with Penny, her family knew they needed not one but TWO black beauties. Can you say FOSTER FAIL? The rest, as they say, is history. Penny now lives in Queens with her new (black) fur friend and a whole house of humans who love her inside and out!


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