Penny was four months old on the day of her rescue and we were told that her family had been trying to get rid of her for months at that point. She was getting no exercise, no proper interaction and we suspected that she spent all of her time in a crate, as she wasn't sure how to walk properly when we took her away. It took some time, but Penny's past was put behind when we found an amazing family who was willing to dedicate their time to giving Penny the love and care that she so desperately needed. She moves around with ease, jumps high, runs fast and loves hard. It is a pleasure seeing how much she trusts her humans and finally feels comfortable to fully be herself. We watched as she shared a sweet potato treat with her fur brother and we loved the dynamic. She just fit so perfectly in a home with a huge backyard and loving humans who wouldn't her give up on her!

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  • Penny is such a beautiful dog with such a strong spirit that shines on and inspires empathy and devotion. Her rescue and adoption is such a wonderful example of what love & hope truly is. I am uniquely touched by her story and of other mistreated/abused animals like her that I am forever committed to confronting and ending the inhumane treatment that innocent animals suffer in this world. Peace be with you, sweet Penny.

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