Phoebe and Pumpkin

Remember Phoebe and Pumpkin? Both kittens were part of the litter found outside in a TRASH BAG. Imagine that... Someone didn’t fix their cat, the cat had babies and the choice people made as to how to deal with this situation was to throw the little babies into the trash the moment they were born. Well, we are glad someone heard their desperate cries and reached out to us immediately. Luckily, an amazing foster mom agreed to help and take the kittens in (total of 4) and to care of them the way they deserved to be cared for (For which we will always be extremely grateful, THANK YOU!). That was the beginning of Phoebe and Pumpkin’s journey to their happily ever after.  They were so bonded growing up that we began to hope if maybe they would be lucky enough to stay together... Guess what? Yes, our hopes and prayers have been answered. A wonderful human noticed the girls and applied for adoption. When she met them, she told us right away that two sisters are exactly what she was looking for. And the kittens seemed to feel the same way! And this is how their happily ever after looks! Phoebe and Pumpkin together forever! 😻


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