Talk about a rags-to-riches story! Pinky's story is a true undercat tale, where an unlikely hero keeps on surviving, and surviving, and finally: thriving! When we first rescued Pinky, he'd been living all alone in an abandoned apartment. His owner had died, and while her grandson came over with food when he could, Pinky was in a serious state. Obese, matted, alone and afraid, Pinky was barely making it through the day--and the landlord was threatening to kick him out. After we brought pinky to AMA, his troubles continued. He'd never been socialized, and the trauma of being abandoned made him fearful. He didn't eat or drink. He just sort of sat there. To top it all off, he had a horrible dental disease that put him in constant pain. We knew fighting for Pinky would take everything we had, but we fought--and Pinky improved some. But then a heroic family stepped up and decided to foster Pinky, showering him with love and showing him that they could be trusted. And Pinky blossomed! He moved from under the couch to the bed, from the bed to the rest of the house. It was a long process, but his fosters never gave up. And finally, they decided to give Pinky the best gift of all: they adopted him! Now Pinky can rest easy knowing that he is loved and cared for--and we just know he'll blossom even more. Way to go Pinky!


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